5 Top Phone System Features Every Business Needs

a picture of a business phoneCalling your clients on the phone and being available for them to reach you via phone is critically important for most businesses. If you are building sales funnels for clients using software such as Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft or LeadPages then you are likely to want to have the convenience of being able to talk to them over the phone about any updates they may need to their funnels.

With telephony infrastructure and systems changing with the ever evolving technology, businesses have been forced to switch from the traditional phone systems to more advanced ones.

The latest phone systems today support both mobile and VoIP, which makes business transactions and communication relatively easier.

Switching to a new/advanced phone system can, however, be an intimidating task for many. This is because many factors need to be put into consideration before settling on a new phone system. Outlined below are some of the top features you should look for when shopping for a phone system for your business.

Call Forwarding (Find Me) Feature


Modern phone systems come with a real-time call forwarding feature that makes it possible for clients to find you (the business owner), on your cell or other available sources. This feature allows custom settings and rules that help ring all your devices simultaneously, or with a chosen sequence. If you are unreachable on all devices, the system then directs the caller to voicemail.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription is one of the latest features in business phone systems that help transcribe voice messages into text. This makes it easier to scan through a message(s) much faster than listening to slow voice messages.

This feature, therefore, helps eliminate time wasted trying to catch up with voice messages. Another added advantage that comes with the latest business phone systems is the ability to transcribe the audio messages into text, then sending them directly to your mail. This means you can respond to these messages from your smartphone, tablet, or even a personal computer.

Total Control Over Active Calls

If you need full control over all active calls, then this is the feature to look out for. With voice digitisation a reality, it is much easier for administrators to integrate voice calls with computers, hence very easy to monitor.

The control feature allows business managers or supervisors to listen in on a call, give suggestion to an employee, or join in on a call-progress. With this feature in place, business administrators can be able to monitor, whisper or even barge thus making their work easier especially when training employees. This helps improve client/customer service and satisfaction.


securitySecurity is a fundamental requirement for almost all businesses. This is because everyone needs to transact in a secure environment limiting hackers and other malicious people from eavesdropping on calls.

Many of the new business phone systems in the industry today are cloud-based, meaning much of the company data is safe. Cloud-based systems offer an extra layer of security in the form of firewalls, thus making an administrator’s work much simpler. In addition to this, VoIP systems can be used from across the globe without necessarily depending on a telecom company’s network.

Record Features

Call recording is an important feature for businesses. The ability to record calls enables a company to serve its customers much better, thus improving client retention and satisfaction.

Another reason many enterprises and organisations are switching to the modern phone systems is the fact that, anyone can manage the system from a simple web browser interface. This is unlike other systems that require using a complex system that requires days of training for one to understand.

Running business phone networks and ensuring everything runs correctly/smoothly can be a challenge. Nonetheless, investing in a business phone system with some (if not all) of the features outlined above should make your work much easier and manageable.

Using Skype For Client Funnels

As a very useful addition to the phone, using Skype is also a great way to converse with your clients when discussing their funnel building needs. One of the most useful features for this purpose is Skype’s screenshare capabilities. With screenshare you can visually outline a funnel dsign right in front of the client so they can see exactly what you propose to design for them. Forthermore, they will also quickly and easly be able to ask you for adjustments to the sales funnel while on they are on the call with you.

When using Skype with your clients, make sure your Wi-Fi network has a good connection. If not, then you could lose business. If you need to speed up your Wi-Fi connection then see our article here.

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