Tailoring Your Telephone System To Meet The Needs Of Your Business

old telephone systemWhen you get dressed in the morning, the chances are good that there are different brands that make up the clothing in your ensemble. You end up picking out the items based upon whatever appeal they have to your mood or what will be going on for that day. You mix and match them to go along with your style. It can be the same when building sales funnels. Although each funnel may be different, over time you may notice a trend in how you design your funnels that match your personality. However, developing more diversity will serve you well in what you will be able to offer our clients going forward.

Wardrobe options are something that helps to enhance your ability to meet situations that face you, head on. Speaking, you never want to allow your clothing to disrupt any of your interactions.

Just like your clothing, options are always crucial when it comes to the phone system that you have for your company. Each business is going to come with their very own communications needs and it calls for tweaking to address them the right way. However, what can you do if you find that you are locked into some proprietary telephone system vendor?

It could mean that you are going to be limited regarding flexibility and there could be a legacy phone system that will limit your ability to customise. In this case, you can think about upgrading to a phone system such as IP-PBX. This will give you a bit of freedom so that you can mix and match your SIP and VoIP providers just like you would if you were shopping for brands in your closet.

Here are some of the different ways that you can choose the configurations with your IP-PBX telephone system so that you can meet the needs of your business:

Maintain A Good PSTN Connection


When you upgrade to an IP-PBX, it does not mean that you have to get rid of all of your PSTN lines. When you use a VoIP gateway from the vendor that you choose, you will be able to connect the IP-PBX server with the PSTN lines. This can be beneficial for any company that wants to make a more gradual transition into the world of IP telephony.

Integrate Your SIP Phones

If you have a company that goes with internet-based infrastructure, SIP phones will be a good solution. The hardware phone will be similar to a desk phone, yet it will receive and send calls from the internet.

VoIP Gateways And Long Distance Calling

Offices that have multiple locations across the globe can run into issues with long distance calling. If you have an IP-PBS, you can create a bridge that connects your phone lines using the internet. This will help to connect to remote locations without long distance charges that are imposed by your telephone carrier.

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