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You’re leaving a lot of cash on the table if you’re not utilizing link tracking software. YouTube ClickMagick

Using a software application tool like ClickMagick can help you improve conversions and produce more income. Use it to track your links, run A/B split testing, turn links to see which ones convert best, and even protect agains click fraud.

Yep, ClickMagick can do all this and more. However is it worth your time, and does it measure up to its name as the best link tracker for affiliate marketing?

Let’s find out!


What Exactly Is ClickMagick? YouTube ClickMagick


ClickMagick is a robust web-based program for tracking and enhancing website links. Business owners might utilize it to just and reliably track and optimize their marketing activities. It is an excellent link tracker for medium-sized and little enterprises.

ClickMagick makes it simple to track and manage all types of URLs. It may assist entrepreneurs in tracking their links, such as banners, social media links, and PPC ads. ClickMagick is ideal for collecting beneficial info. As a result, you may utilize it to enhance your conversion rate and incomes. This tool can help business owners reach their goals.

You can enhance your marketing methods and boost your chances of success if you can see how numerous individuals are clicking on your links. You might also use ClickMagick to enhance the conversion rate of your sales funnels. ClickMagick will assist you in tracking marketing activities.


What functions does ClickMagick supply?

ClickMagick is a robust software for determining, testing, enhancing, and broadening many elements of internet marketing. It has the following characteristics:

Connect Cloaking

If they appear to be spam links, individuals are more likely to ignore your links. You can mask your connections utilizing ClickMagick. More individuals will click on your links if you shorten them. Cloaking your links using ClickMagick is basic. Masking your links can help you get more clicks.

Individuals might avoid visiting your links if they have a lot of numbers and characters. Cloaking functions are available in ClickMagick. You may make your connections look secure by using their masking functions. Cloaking your connections is advantageous. It has the prospective to increase your conversion rate.

You may not need to hide your affiliate links in some circumstances. Why? Some affiliate networks may not enable you to conceal your affiliate links. Masking their affiliate links is against their affiliate program’s rules. Your affiliate account might be ended by the affiliate program. Do not threaten your affiliate account. It is more effective to speak with your affiliate program before masking your affiliate links.


ID Monitoring

It is helpful to identify the source of site traffic. As a result, you may make use of ClickMagick to produce tracking IDs to help you in figuring out the source of website visitors. It might conserve you time considering that you won’t have to spend as much time constructing unique links to track the traffic on your site.

It is basic to make use of ID monitoring to determine which site links send the most traffic to your item sales page. As a result, it can help you in determining your most effective marketing strategies. It may be used to figure out the source of your clicks, leads, and sales. Use it for anchor texts, affiliate links, and so forth.

analytics and tracking

Analyze Traffic Quality

Traffic is important to the success of any website. It is, however, crucial to drive targeted visitors to your website. Traffic might be driven to your website by bots or vans. ClickMagick may be utilized to evaluate the quality of your site traffic.

When someone clicks on one of your website links, you can just identify their location and IP address. If your site traffic suddenly increases, utilize this function to figure out whether it is genuine.

It is critical to examine the quality of your site. When real people visit your website, they are more likely to purchase your things. As a result, ClickMagick may assist you in finding out more about your website visitors. This tool might be used to see the places and IP addresses of your site’s visitors.

It is pricey to pay for web traffic in order to improve your site traffic. You should bring real visitors to your site if you desire to make more money.

Conversion Tracking

When somebody sees your website, ClickMagick’s tracking pixels make it simple to get real-time analytics. As a result, you can use their pixel contractor to determine the performance of all the pages on your website. It can help you in figuring out the most profitable websites on your website. Improve them to increase your earnings if any of your web websites are losing money.

ClickMagick makes it basic to determine the conversions of your websites and even enhance your sales funnel. If you want to increase the earnings of your site, you should employ this choice.

A/B Split Testing

Split testing on your website is quite helpful. What methods do you use for A/B testing on your site? You pick several web connections. You have immediate access to the traffic to these particular web websites. It is much more effective to do split tests on all of your site’s web pages.|What techniques do you utilize for A/B testing with ClickMagick on your website? It is much more effective to do split tests on all of your site’s web pages.}

It is basic to use ClickMagick to compare two unique web sites in order to figure out which one is the most successful. It may be used to identify the quantity of clicks and check outs gotten by each web page.

You can promote a certain web page if its conversion rate is truly high. You can enhance underperforming websites in order to raise their conversion rate. To raise your possibilities of success, A/B testing can help you improve the performance of your underperforming websites.

ClickMagick campaign builder


Locking of Material

A few of your tips, tutorials, posts, and even videos might be of interest to others. This tool makes it basic to secure your product. You may ask for that site users share your material on social media or leave their e-mail addresses in order to access your gated content.

Nevertheless, it is critical to utilize this function to secure essential product. If you want to grow your email list or enhance your social networks shares, you need to make a high-value deal. This function is ideal for developing an exchange on your website.

Retargeting utilizing Pixels

ClickMagick makes it simple to add customized pixel tracking. The ClickMagick pixel tracking feature use the very same code as third-party marketing. You may utilize the codes to retarget people who click on your site links.

It is easy to include pixels from various sources, such as online kinds, emails, and social network connections. As soon as you build your pixel codes and individuals click them, you can follow them, even if they check out other sites. As a result, it might assist you in increasing your conversion rate. This ability, however, is not always readily available in a link-tracking application.



You may utilize this function if you desire to add pop-ups to your site. It is, however, simple to use ClickMagick to develop and set up pop-ups.

The MagickPops feature will never ever be an issue if you understand HTML.|If you understand HTML, this function will never ever be a problem.} You will not have the ability to utilize this function unless you have some fundamental understanding.

This functionality makes it simple to design pop-ups such as postponed pop-ups, exit intent, and redirection. You might use pop-ups to engage your site visitors and improve your conversion rate.

It may be utilized to produce a number of kinds of pop-ups, including load pop-ups, exit intent pop-ups, delayed pop-ups, and re-direct pop-ups. It is helpful to generate pop-ups. They might help you in bring in more website sees and transforming them into paying customers or customers.


You might utilize this function to promote other individuals’s pages on your website. It is an excellent option for including endorsements to your website.

You can learn more about the ClickMagick MagicBars feature here.

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Monitoring of Hyperlinks

It is basic to use ClickMagick to track your links. As a result, it can assist you in figuring out whether your links are offline, down, or dead. You should constantly guarantee that your links are up and running if you pay for web traffic.

You can halt your marketing efforts while you work to solve the problem if some of your links are damaged or dead. With ClickMagick, you can even delay advertising.

It is more suitable to remedy them as rapidly as possible if you have issues with your links. You may also reroute your traffic with ClickMagick. If any of the links are broken, you can reroute visitors to your active links.


In certain scenarios, you might desire your website to appear like other websites in order to take benefit of their content. You may achieve this by using this functionality. It might even assist you in sharing your material on these platforms.

Information about Import and Export

You may use this function to store numerous URLs to it when you’ve created a ClickMagick account. Utilizing this function, you may easily submit URLs to your account.

You may export it utilizing ClickMagick if you need to share information with external celebrations. As a result, sharing information with ClickMagick is easy. To share the info, you do not need to reveal your password or login.

List of ClickMagick features


What are The Pros and Cons of ClickMagick?

Here are the ClickMagick pros and cons:

ClickMagick Pros

  • The UI is user-friendly -You can run A/B testing -Real-time tracking -You can hide links -It is basic to track traffic quality -You can track your sales funnel using a pixel home builder
  • You might incorporate re-targeting pixels into your links
  • Notices of dead or broken links

ClickMagick Cons

  • To use some functionalities, you must recognize with HTML
  • It does not provide live support
  • Protecting a customized domain can be tricky

ClickMagick Price Plans

ClickMagick has three various strategies. You will still receive a 14-day trial if you choose one of their 3 options.

ClickMagick Starter Plan

The regular monthly fee is $37. It includes four hours of assistance, 10,000 monthly clicks, monitoring for one funnel, 6 months of data retention, and fundamental performances.

Learn more about the ClickMagick Starter Plan here.

ClickMagick Standard Plan

The month-to-month charge is $77. It includes one-hour support, 100,000 clicks per month, 10 custom tracking domains, entry-level access to the professional’s academy, information retention for 12 months, tracking for five funnels, and core services.

Learn more about the ClickMagick Standard Plan here.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

The monthly charge is $197. It includes one-hour support, one million clicks every month, access to the expert’s academy’s advanced level, two years of information retention, limitless funnel tracking, and all features.

Learn more about the ClickMagick Pro Plan here.

ClickMagick price list


Last Ideas

Medium-sized and small firms must track their links. Tracking can assist services in identifying the source of their site traffic and who clicks their links. It is more crucial to understand phony site traffic. This tool’s data can assist you produce more leads and increase your conversion rates.

If you do not acknowledge deceptive traffic, revenues are more most likely to suffer. You are less likely to acquire significant info if you can not get dependable information on your website. If you can view and monitor your site traffic, you may avoid wasting cash on bogus traffic.

ClickMagick makes it simple to measure and monitor your internet marketing activities. As a result, it might help you in enhancing your web marketing methods, increasing sales, and increasing your chances of company success. It is the best link tracking app available.

ClickMagick is the best tool to assist you reach your objectives if you are prepared to take you service to the next level. Utilize the trial session to take it for a test drive and see how powerful it is and how you will be able to implement it into your organization strategy. YouTube ClickMagick


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